Over 15 million ad impressions for 2020

One key strategy we use to make an impact is digital advertising. Utilizing advertising, we were able to generate over 15 million ad impressions ahead of the 2020 election, leading to a direct impact on voter turnout. Here are examples of impactful ads we have launched:



Another outreach method our team has used to reach potential voters is texting. This avenue of outreach has allowed us to reach thousands of potential voters directly on their phones during crucial moments and around specific advocacy topics, like H.R. 1 and voter suppression.


We have tested many formats for direct mail pieces. Our team tested a mail piece in Florida to target a key subset of potential voters and found was that a plain black and white mail postcard was much more effective than a highly designed mail piece. This mail piece led to a 0.8% increase in voter turnout (~20,000 voters). This experiment showed that there is a real need to reach potential voters in pivotal districts, and that this outreach method makes an impact, and that not nearly enough is currently being done. We took what we learned and duplicated plain direct mail pieces like those shown above in other key states.

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